March 3, 2024
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Is It Their Faults!? By President, Queens Connect Africa





In as much as Government and the civil societies has a lot to do in curbing/stoping this deadly acts of discarding unwanted pregnancies by mostly young mothers, individuals also needs to always think and take preemptive measures before indulging in acts you don’t know where it could lead you to in the nearest future. Nothing really whatsoever justify this kinda action.


Though it is well known to us all that even if Government legalizes abortion, some will still have reasons to discard unwanted pregnancies thus.

So there’s urgent need for Governments to come up with a more friendly constitutional bill and programs that supports people with unwanted pregnancies in order to curb and or stop the ugly acts from happening, but major responsibility lyes on individuals and the civil societies at large.



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The percentage of youths and girl child involved in this inhumane act is enormous and requires urgent attention by relevant agencies.



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I hereby call on the National Youth Council of Nigeria and other International bodies and Government agencies to address this menace because it happens virtually in every community around us.


Thank you






President Queens Connect Africa






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