March 2, 2024
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Join and Reform Existing Political Parties, Obanubi tells Falana, Utomi and Co










In swift response to the call for a new political movement by the popular social and political commentators in Nigeria, calling for another political calculations ahead of 2023 definitely, Comrade Sunday Obanubi, the National Coordinator of Youths for New Nigeria, YNN has stood against the divisive, populist notion of the social commentators that produces no results than to heat up the polity.


Speaking with Topnews Tv Online Magazine earlier today, Obanubi said, “we have been misled by so many known faces and voices who go about deceiving the public on how to take power from the popular parties without them being able to win even one polling booth. Rather than call for New political gathering, it is necessary now and important for them to find any one of the other 16 registered and recognized political parties with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and make it more competitive. Be the third option that would be relevant and taken serious than just to add to the numbers for selfish and deceptive purpose, producing no tangible results”.


He further added, “it is embarrassing that Nigeria can only boast of two political parties even after INEC deregistered almost 80 parties for lack of relevance.




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These people regrouping, which party are they? What roles are they playing? How are they improving the political competitiveness at their various wards and state constituencies.







If they need lecturing and tutoring on how to take over and change Nigeria, they can come learn from YNN and stop seeking cheap publicity.”


As expected, series of political groups and regrouping will be aligning and realigning ahead of 2023, but the steps of INEC to recognize new parties or not will shapen the future of our political atmosphere in the coming months.


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Edo and Ondo elections are approaching by September and October of 2020, only 2 parties are seen competitive amongst the 14 that showed interest to INEC.


Practical and working strategy is what we need now, no jamboree noise simply for shear public sympathy.


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