March 2, 2024
#Lockdown Chronicles

Lockdown Chronicles: 7 people tell us what staying at home has done to their eating habits



My relationship with food has shifted from love. It’s more like dependence now.”

Chop till you drop [Credit - Tenor]

Lockdown Chronicles is a diary series, in which Nigerians unpack the realities, multi-dimensional struggles and the little victories they experience while dealing with an unprecedented pandemic which suddenly disrupted the life we were used to.

Being placed on lockdown was always going to have different ramifications. As regards nutrition while in lockdown, being in such close proximity with food and with not much to occupy one’s time and mind, it was always going to be fascinating to see how people would respond.

Reduced appetite as boredom increased, or get closer to all the food in your kitchen as a coping mechanism?

Here are 7 people talking about how being kept at home has affected their relationship with their stomachs.


1. “I have abused rice and noodles too much”

So, majorly, most days, I eat like I normally would, because I’m kinda used to being at home. I wasn’t really going out, even before the lockdown started. Other days, I get tired of eating the same set of things, so I’m confused about what to eat and stay without food for the larger part of the day. As in ehn… just this morning, my sister and I were literally brainstorming on what to eat and we couldn’t come to a conclusion 🤦🏽‍♀.

I have abused rice and noodles so much. I was particularly doing any fitfam or diet program before lockdown began. I’m lazy when it comes to routine so I just used to do 1-0-1, and in small portions.

Before lockdown my heathy eating was 65% out of 100 but now? I think I am on a 40. That’s largely because I was conscious about not taking carbonated drinks before the lockdown and I kinda succeeded in sticking to it. Now, I use them to replace food sometimes when I can’t seem to decide on what to eat.

Also, I’ve taken a lot of pizza and cake since the lockdown started. – Keji


Horny. But for food. [Credit - Blackish-ABC]


2. I’m always horny… but for food”

It’s almost like I’m horny. But instead of craving sex, it’s food I am dying to get. The craving is mad.

Somehow I still manage to get myself Burgers once a week. Some of the foods I crave, I make myself but the lockdown makes things a little difficult because some of the things you crave, you don’t have ingredients in the house and before you go see ehn… make 1 million boys no go kidnap pesin.

I have had so much rice , yam and egg, indomie. But if I had to pick one, omo na rice o. I have been eating rice like a bird. – Sarah.

3. “I’m drinking carbonated drinks again, after 5 months abstinence”

Fitfam and my waist ti laazzzdent. My wardrobe just dey look me dey laugh. I have been eating more. Not only have I been eating more, I have also been taking a lot of soda.

Let me burst your brain, I successfully stayed away from soda for more than 5 months. But guess who has been downing at least a bottle of Pepsi or malt almost everyday

Before now, I eat bread once in like 3 weeks… forget that thing, na make I no enter kitchen now, bread is now almost an everyday thing for me.

It doesn’t help that the two men I am staying with likes bread so it’s always available in the kitchen.

80-20. But I go pick up back sha, at least now I am back on my dinner time not being later than 6pm. Na the food and drinks be the major part. God help me. – Busayo.


4. “I’m pretty much eating the same [carbs] over and over again”


Omo na survival oh. No time to be picky. I have been eating mostly carbs, I don chop eba tire. One time I dey struggle to shit. I’m tired of eating rice, bread, spaghetti and noodles. See, I have abused rice. I have certainly overdosed on it.

And I think what I miss most about being able to eat out is having the freedom to choose out of all the varieties. I am eating more now that I’d normally do if there was no lockdown. But I am pretty much just eating the same things over and over again. – AJ


5. “Spending on food like Dangote’s daughter”

My relationship with food has shifted from love o. It’s more like dependence now. I eat like 5 times a day if I’m not fasting.

Mostly biscuits and beverage and cereal. But I constantly need to have something in my mouth. All the money I saved on transportation has been spent on food. I just dey hail myself ‘Jola Jola spending on food like you’re Dangote’s daughter’.


I know YOLO but LOL I’m not planning to die. There is life after Sisi Coro departs. Trying to start working out sha and making healthy substitutions. The oats I bought is just looking at me.

For me, if there’s a food I have abused it has to be Rich Tea biscuit, corn flakes and spaghetti. Funny enough I’m not gaining weight.Thank God for small blessings. – Jola


Spending more than normal, on food [Credit - Shutterstock]

6. “When I’m bored, I eat”

My eating habit has become worse. When I am bored, I eat. All I see is fat. I was even trying to achieve my body goals before this lockdown of a thing but not anymore. I actually tried exercising and after two days, I stopped. 🤣🤣🤣

You see rice and pasta ehn, I have eaten them so much that I might not touch them for an entire year after this lockdown ends.

I have so missed being able to get small chops and amala from buka with all the normal assorted meat. Before now, I was 70% with my healthy eating attempts. But you see now ehn, I have fallen to 40%. – Lara.


Stuffing your face with food as coping mechanism for boredom. [Credit - Lady on the goo]

7. “I think I am eating better now”

When I used to go to the office, I used to eat like once in a day but now, I eat twice at 11am and 7pm but I exercise a lot. I run three times a week. I just don’t want to be fat. With my body I can’t afford to relax.

My eating habits wasn’t healthy sha because I don’t eat enough but it’s a good price to pay.

I think I am eating better now. I’m not doing healthy eating. I’m just eating. Healthy eating is balanced diet and all abi? I’m not doing that. I’m just eating anything but not too much. – Stephen.

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