March 3, 2024
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London Court Trial: Ekweremadu Finally Reveals Why He Sought Kidney Donor Outside Family






Senator Ike Ekweremadu has revealed the real reason why he sought a kidney donor outside his family




The embattled lawmaker told the court in London that his doctor urged him to seek a kidney donor outside his family


Ekweremadu, responding to the prosecuting counsel, Hugh Davies KC, disclosed that he agreed to get a donor by going through agents for the task


A former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has told a court in London the reason why he sought a donor outside his family.



In a fresh court session, the embattled lawmaker and politician confessed that he was advised by his doctor against seeking a kidney donor from among his family members, The Punch reported.


Why I sought a kidney donor outside my family, Ekweremadu opens up


While cross-examining the lawmaker, Prosecutor Hugh Davies KC, asked Ekweremadu why he did not try to find a suitable match among his family members instead of trying to buy a kidney.


Prosecutor Mr Davies said:


“On the question of whether a family member could in principle act as a donor, you decided that was not possible based on a reported conversation between your non-nephrologist brother and Dr Obeta, a non-nephrologist?”


The defendant said:


“He would have had basic knowledge. I’m not a doctor so if he says so, I believe him.”


The politician said he believed it was not an option after being told about a conversation between his brother Diwe and Dr Obeta in September 2021.


Ekweremadu added it was “not true” that he agreed to get a donor by going through agents for the task.



The defendant further dismissed the prosecutor’s claims, saying, “These are not the facts.”


Ekweremadu reveals the identity of those responsible for his travails in the UK

Meanwhile, the EFCC has been accused of sponsoring the ordeals of the embattled Former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu.


The lawmaker told the Federal High Court that the EFCC wrote a letter to the London Court which made the foreign court refuse to admit him to bail.



Ekweremadu, in the application, claimed that the forfeiture order was granted to the FG in error because the EFCC suppressed information and facts in respect of the properties.


Ekweremadu: EFCC divulges fresh details over bail refusal of embattled lawmaker in UK


In another development, Senator Ike Ekweremadu might be in detention for longer than envisaged following a recent development.


The legal team of the embattled senator had filed an application accusing the EFCC of stalling his bail process in the UK.


Meanwhile, the EFCC responded in a counter-affidavit that it had nothing to do with the detainment of the embattled senator in the UK.




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