February 28, 2024
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Looking for a Faster way to get Africa Food Ingredients? Foodlocker delivers quality African Food Groceries to your doorstep




Foodlocker has invented newer and faster ways to get you your African food ingredients quicker. Located in Ibadan, Foodlocker brings African foods to your door


For when you don’t feel like driving to the stores, you can count on Foodlocker to supply your African foods needs for the entire family


The executive director assures the freshest quality groceries delivered just when needed. When the craving heightened and you miss just like home cooking, Foodlocker is just the right place to shop online for all your needs. We are your home away from home African Online Grocery store


We’re passionate about bringing affordable quality African Food groceries to your doorstep. Our vast selection range of products from spices and food seasoning to snacks, flour and selected drinks and grains. All you need to do is call us or visit our online e-commerce store www.Foodlocker.com.ng



, select your products pay and we deliver your groceries to your door step in any city in Nigeria.



Foodlocker  also bring you top tips  for every day shopping, picture recipes, and food combination tips for your enjoyment. We hope you find your shopping experience with us an exciting one. Happy shopping!



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