March 2, 2024
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Mubarak Bala: An Atheist Arrested And Persecuted By Sharia Law




On the 28th to 29th of April 2020, the President of the humanist organization of Nigeria was arrested in Kaduna and taken to kano to be dealt with by sharia law agents with the allegation that he insulted the Prophet Mohammed of Islam. Mubarak was born in kano but resides in Kaduna. He posted online accusing the prophet of islam of pedophile acts as long as history is concerned but was arrested by the agents of sharia law accusing him of blasphemy. There is nothing wrong to speak your mind in a secular country and Nigeria is a secular state. Muslims have also insulted the religions of non Muslims publicly no action was taken. Muslims have abused and in most cases, secretly murdered innocent non Muslims and no one complained. Arresting and persecuting Mubarak for expressing himself which other Muslims do most times towards other religions is nonsensical and bias.



If Bala was a Muslim and made insulting comments about Jesus in Christianity as most Muslims do all the time, would the police have arrested and detained him the way they have done? If Bala was a muslim cleric or imam and posted insults about Christians or non muslims on social media that encourages violence against non-believers, would the police have arrested him? Muslims are persecuting Mr. Bala because they are in the majority in Kano and most of the Northern Nigerian States. His current predicament is a factor of islamic privilege. Bala is a victim of oppressive Muslim majority that holds sway in the region. Over the years, Muslims have capitalized on their dominance to impose sharia law and turn non-Muslims into second class citizens in their states. Non Muslims who resides in the North, feel totally insecure. Nigeria belongs to every qualified Nigerian and any Nigerian can live where ever they want but when a particular people in a particular region feels they own the country, then it is tyranny, autocracy and religious predatory.



Muslims have gotten away with so many atrocities and crimes against humanity in Nigeria. For instance, they have systematically killed and jailed those non muslims who made comments that were critical of Islam and the prophet. They have carried out extrajudicial murder of those who allegedly desecrated the Quran or disbelieve in it and all these act shows they are above the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. They have provided a lacuna for the operation of brutal and dreaded groups, such as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorism that has slaughtered non muslims. Now Muslims in Kano are deploying their oppressive majority against Mr. Bala for making comments that were critical of the prophet of Islam which historically might be true.








Muslims are quick in persecuting non muslims for insulting their Islamic Prophet but they forget that Boko Haram has massacred millions of innocent non muslims in the name of Prophet Mohammed. Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists, has gone to churches to burn innocent Christians and non muslims alive. Boko Haram Terrorists, disregarded and burnt the Bible of Christians during their attack in Jos, Borno and other Northern States yet no one has persecuted Muslims in the South South, South East and South West. When you ask them about Boko Haram, they will argue that Boko Haram are not true Muslims but yet they secretly sponsor those terrorists finacially and even send large numbers of Almajiris as recruits into the terrorist organization. The leaders of this failed country are always mute when it comes to issues that involve the Muslims and Islam but take drastic measures when it comes to non muslims or unbelievers. Mubarak Bala, has been arrested for so long yet the president of the federation is mute. Nigeria is not an Islamic State. Nigeria is a secular state built on the foundation of democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity.



This work is not projected to tantamount to hatred, anger and division rather it is directed to let the public know that Sharia law is not above the secular and supreme constitution of Nigeria. Mubarak Bala was born into a Muslim family but renounce islam and became an Atheist. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. Atheism is not a crime. Everyone in their religion has blasphemed against others in their religion. Arresting and persecution Mubarak using Sharia law is bias, sentimental and irrational and every Nigerian should condenm it intoto.











Source: Precious Ebenezer Achese.

(Political Scientist, Political Economist, Philosopher, Historian and a Humanist Atheist)



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