March 3, 2024
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Nigeria, My Dear Country



Nigeria, My Dear Country
Nigeria, my dear country,
The bench for the unsettled to have sittings
Without any form of relaxation.
The fictional story that expresses sadness always.
In reality, is best to be described as ‘generation of penurious nation’;
Only in Nigeria!
 Nigeria, my dear country,
The home for slavery that bleaches into Almajiri education.
The nation that welcomes literacy and neglects education.
For education,
No keys to solicit pleasure for the next generations;
 Only in Nigeria!
Nigeria, my dear country,
The noble nation for liars to rule.
The state that converts lies into packages of the gospel.
The noble nation for a constitutional treat,
Endless oppression from the oppressors;
Only in Nigeria!
Nigeria, my dear country,
The open ground for an unending competition .
A field for a continuous struggle that adheres with; ‘survival of the fittest’,
The paradise for the middle class,

The prison for the high class;
Only in Nigeria
When you tell the world you are from Nigeria,
The world assumes you are from the portion of the rotten hell.

Who is responsible for this blemish?
It may be you, ‘the reader’.
It may also be me, ‘the writer’.
The work towards trailing the real cause;
The authorities came in.
The resolution to the mess;
A total rejection for the ill actions
Of the people called ‘the government’.
Nothing is dear about the present state of Nigeria.

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