February 28, 2024
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Nigerians Sound Alarm Over ABR Crypto App’s Alleged Scam; Calls Intensify for Justice and Investigations



Numerous Nigerian citizens have raised concerns about the ABR crypto trading app, accusing it of scamming individuals within the country and beyond.

Operating smoothly for over a year, the app encountered technical issues on September 30th, leading to a complete crash. Efforts led by Prosper Okafor aim to shed light on the situation, with affected members seeking justice by sharing their experiences across various platforms.



Allegations link the ABR app to entities like 007NGN.com, GAFC, ORGANE TECH, PLU, and a recent scheme known as BX app, allegedly operating under the former


ABR app’s name and account details (account number: 7184141784, account name: ORGANE TECH, with purported ties to WEMA Bank).



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