February 13, 2024

No more Nollywood

My Dad came back from work one day and declared that we stop watching Nollywood in the house😓. Anybody familiar with MY TV satellite will know that there are lots of free channels🤗 on it. I do not really have much time to watch TV in the house 🏠 though! But the little time i have to relax after the long day at work was most times on My TV Yoruba 😂 , My TV series and the rest of it. Using the remote and scrolling through channels was like a hobby 😂 for me.And here is my Dad bringing a new rule of No more Nollywood☹️🤦🏻‍♀ into the house.

Trust me, I wasn’t happy with the whole idea but you know I had to comply.
So, we became limited to Christian channels alone most especially DOVE VISION

Note: MY TV has loads of Christian channels🤗😊.

After some time, I became used to it, my holiday finished and I went back to school. Then, I realized that anytime I feel like relaxing, watching movies stopped coming to my mind. I would rather consume my data downloading sermons,talks, interviews, Tedtalks and watching TVC ( your view with Morayo🤗 especially) rather than watching a movie on my laptop.


That season leashed me into discovering more about myself, a deeper relationship with God, a better relationship with men and more gain of wisdom.


This is not to stop you from watching movies, it is good to relax and be entertained.

This is my point- To get into the next level and phase in life sometimes or most times, there are somethings you will need to drop. It might be a relationship, a habit, a routine, an attitude, a character and many more.

Little things can keep us from moving to a higher level in life and in God.
Look at Achan and his actions at Jericho
Joshua 6:15, 7:1.



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