March 3, 2024
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Our Mumu Suppose Don Do _(Revolution Now!)_





After the election, on a very low-key,
The evil leadership appears with the skin of a goat
Sails toward an un-calm sea,
The merciless leadership will love to sink our ship before the coast.
Long waiting for the man with master skills,
The disastrous leadership is best described as an unknown ghost.
For African leaders got the most expensive lying keys,
The deceitful leadership always appears with sweetened poisonous quotes.
‘Our mumu suppose don do.’




Every four years in Africa,
A periodical function for the thieves to buy away our mind.
To every sibling of Africa,
They see the black nation never that kind.
For the situation is very worst for the African,
The invisible is becoming so glaring to the blind.
Every black keep saying ‘why Africa!’ ‘Why Africa!’
Our next generation is crying out loud for help,
We have nothing to hide.
‘Our mumu suppose don do.’

If the world could call out for failure,
The black nation will always appear.
If young people should show a demonstration of pressure,
The old Africans will not adhere.
It a good idea for one to understand goodness,

Many African will love to witness more fear.
One thing that African don’t understand about a revolution’
A developmental change that promotes good care.
Revolution now!
Instead, they prefer a prize
Price for slavery
Slavery for our consent is been bought away by thieves.
‘Our mumu suppose don do’.
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