March 2, 2024
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Reasons Why Victims Of Rape Don’t Speak Out




Despite being in a new era, women are expected to carry the whole blame of another man’s choice.

Society has painted a picture of how “good women” never get raped. Over the years, women have moved on in silence for fear of being judged if they told their stories.

The struggle to be heard continues as “rape” only has one meaning to the society and if this definition doesn’t involve a male stranger violently penetrating a woman especially in public then the narrative of the victim doesn’t suit their own definition of rape.

Its a refreshing sight to see more women speaking up, and more people joining the movement. So dear readers a rape doesn’t have to be an attack of violence, if the act is not consensual then it is rape, rape happens in different circumstances, even in strange settings. it doesn’t make the narrative a lie.


Reasons why victims don’t speak out when they’ve been Sexually Violate.

1. The fear



Fear is the greatest reason why they don’t talk about it, most victims don’t want to relieve the pain, it’s bad enough they had to go through what they went through, yet some of them find the courage to share their stories and no one believes them.

A lot of women hold onto the fear that they would be judged and ridiculed, even the fear of backlash and retaliation.

This is the sad reality. A lot of people are rape apologists.


2. The stigma

Victims are usually embarrassed by the situation, some of them don’t even realize the incident had on them until much later. While some assume that their experience would be invalidated.




Most victims first feel shame before they can come to terms with the incident.

Shame that pushes them to silence, bottles the story and hides it in for them, the shame can’t allow them to talk about it and not that it didn’t happen, it did and it hurts but they can’t share the story yet.



3. Some Victims Don’t Remember the incident



Most victims don’t remember the incident because reporting it makes it real. The mind has a way of convincing itself that a traumatic incident didn’t occur.

A victim can suffer from PTSD, and this is a very serious side effect for people who have experienced any trauma.

Rape Victims make terrible witnesses which in turn leaves room for doubt.

An Information being shocking and uncomfortable doesn’t make it a lie and because you chose not to believe them doesn’t also make it a lie, you just have to be open-minded at the end of the day.

Dear woman, you are strong, you are beautiful, you worth everything and more and you are valued. Your voice has inspired us.








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