March 3, 2024
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TB Joshua: Tinubu Reacts to BBC Documentary? Fact Emerges



Video showing President Bola Tinubu condemning the BBC documentary about the late TB Joshua is fake




An analysis of the video, which an Instagram user with the handle Sylvester Lumenchristi_eboh, showed it was closed from Tinubu’s New Year broadcast


The video lacks quality in its image properties and unshadowed clarity, indicating it was cloned to be uploaded on social media



The claim that President Bola Tinubu has reacted to the BBC documentary about the late TB Joshua, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) founder, has been declared false.


An Instagram user with the handle Sylvester Lumenchristi_eboh has claimed in a one-minute video that Tinubu condemned the BBC for the documentary against the late prophet.



In the video, the president refuted the claims in the BBC documentary, saying that it was meant to tarnish the image of the late religious leader.


President Tinubu was heard saying:


“As the president of Nigeria, (I) reject every documentary and evidence made by the BBC against our noble prophet. Prophet T.B. Joshua was a good man, and he brought so many foreigners into Lagos while I was a governor. They hate him because he is from a black country.”


The video has generated reactions from those who believe and others who share opposing views.


Three facts about a video showing Tinubu condemning the BBC documentary on TB Joshua



An analysis of the video’s composition and frame revealed that it was edited to conform with the alleged narrative. For instance, the details of President Tinubu appeared to fade and more deep fakes or edited videos. Also, the lack of quality, such as the shady and blurry nature, indicated that the video was compressed for the sake of social media.



Also, the video’s original version was traced to the Happy New Year broadcast by President Tinubu. Tinubu did not reference the late TB Joshua or the BBC documentary in his speech. The original video was recorded on January 1, which preceded the release of the BBC documentary.


The synchronisation of the speech is also a visible instance in the alleged video. Tinubu’s words were not in the same movement with his lips. It is also important to note that cloned videos lacked unshadowed clarity and image properties, which was evident in the purported video.




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