February 12, 2024
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Tech scholarship for women: Become a digital marketing professional at 0 cost



Christmas is around the corner and the time to make new resolutions is near. This is a great time to apply for the Digital Marketing Women Employability and Empowerment Program (DM-WEEP).



DM-WEEP is introducing a fully funded tech scholarship program for women. It is an online learning program designed with experts from the Netherlands to get women high-paying jobs as internationally certified tech professionals.



Apply now: https://womenfordigital.com/funded-scholarship/


Tech is one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries with many women still not being sure of how to get into it. What better gift is appropriate for the Christmas season than a great learning opportunity at 0 cost to make you a top earner in the following year.


Benefits of DM-WEEP program


Being a part of the Digital Marketing Women Employability and Empowerment program comes with a lot of perks other than becoming a tech professional and getting high paying jobs.


Below are some of them:



  1. Deep learning

  2. Real work experience

  3. Endorsement

  4. Career coaching to land the perfect job

  5. Join global community to build lifelong connections

  6. Professional support

  7. Regular check-in and reminders

  8. Get matched to a job

  9. Detailed knowledge base This Christmas season doesn’t have to be clouded with worries of how to upgrade in the following year with the DM-WEEP program that enables you to level up without financial concerns.




Application is closing soon, and the winners will be announced in the next few days.


As eagerly as you would make plans to celebrate the Christmas holiday, act fact and submit your application for the gift of education before this truckload of opportunity passes you by.


Apply now: https://womenfordigital.com/funded-scholarship/






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