February 28, 2024
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The True Reason Why The Church Made 25th December As The Birth Date Of Christ: An Introduction Of Why A False Messiah Was Invented By Precious Ebenezer



Many Christians especially third world Christians have failed to study the History of Christianity. Many of them cannot vividly analyse and constructively deliberate about the chronological chronicals of Christianity. In many of my work, I have tried as much as possible to analyse the History of this Religion. Today, I will focus on why the church adopted 25th December as the birth date of their supposed saviour Jesus Christ. But before going into that and to keep the readers on track, it will be interesting to once more, quickly look into why Christianity was created. Many scholars always look at the History of Christianity from the time of Emperor Constantine especially from 313 A.D but true history trace it before that date. First it is important to know that Jesus Christ never existed but rather, such person was an invention by powerful Roman families. Before and after 60 C.E to 70 C.E, the Jews were colonized by the powerful Roman monarchy and Empire. The Jews were subjected to oppression, suppression and brutal slavery by the Romans. This suffering made them to have a vision of a powerful Messiah that will be sent by their God to deliver them. They had a movement named the Jewish Messianic Movement and all their prophesy were written down in a Prophetic book.




As time goes on, the Jews under their Jewish movement became very rebellious towards their Roman colonizers. This action was about destroying the Roman empire. During this period was the reign of Emperor Nero and he was a direct descendant of the Juilus Cesser dynasty. In order to crush the Jewish rebellious ways, Nero ordered his two best military generals Vespasian and his son Tutus to end the Jewish rebellion. When they arrive Jerusalem, they brutally crushed the Jews. But even at that, the Jews refuse to respect the authority of the Roman empire. To make matters worst, the Jews were forced to worship the Roman Monarchy but they refuse. At this period, Nero’s power was reducing coupled with political and economic instability in Rome and Nero committed suicide after parliament frustrated him. This opportunity was utilized by Vespasian who rush to Rome and seized power and became the Emperor. Titus was still at Jerusalem battling and enslaving the Jews. The Jews refused to relent. After many trials, Vespasian and Titus realized that it was the Jewish Messianic Movement and their prophetic book that was engineering the Jewish rebellious ways.



To weaken the Jews, they captured one of the Jewish Historian named Josephus Bar Mathias who later changed his name to Flavius Josephus. With his help, the Flavian family headed by Vespasian and Titus, stole the Jewish Prophetic book and discovered that the reason for the Jews rebellious ways was because of their hope for a Messiah. This made the Flavian families to hurriedly create a Messiah named Jesus and wrote the new testament by back dating every thing to make it seem as if the Messiah has come long ago but killed by the Jews. In order to fulfill the prophecy written in the Jewish Prophetic book, Titus with his military entourage, made events to happen in Jerusalem to make it seem as if the prophecy of the Jews was fulfilled by him and for him to be seen as the saviour of the Jews. After they achieved this with the help of Josephus, those Jews who believed these events and back dated new testament, started calling themselves Christians while those Jews who did not believe, remain in their old Religion named Judaism. This action created by the Flavians divided the Jews and destroyed their Messianic Movement. Every Character in the new testament was invented and never existed.



Every thing in the new testament was projected to make the Jews look as if they killed Jesus and they should pay for their evil ways and give to Cesser what belongs to Cesser which indirectly means that the Jews should obey and respect the Roman authority. The invention of this Messiah was made possible by the Flavians in Rome and two of their tax collectors such as the Herods in Palestine and Alexanders in Egypt. After this was achieved and the Jews became divided, in 313 A.D, Emperor Constantine made Christianity a legalized Religion after he observed that the pagans and the Christians keep having series of battles that will bring down Rome. But the Pagans in Rome were not happy with his action but they never knew that the Roman Monarchy headed by the Flavians were aiming at using Christianity to exploit the masses especially the Jews. Constantine who became Emperor around 312 A.D was a direct descendant of the Flavian family and it was this family who created the false Jewish Messiah named Jesus. In 380 A.D after they have succeeded in incorporating all Roman, Greek and Egyptian Paganism into their invented Messiah Jesus Christ, they immediately, declared Christianity and Catholicism, the only state recognize Religion in Rome.



Furthermore, back in 350 A.D, Pope Juilus the first declared 25th December as the day Christ was born. This date is already the date when many Pagan gods and goddess in Egypt, Rome and Greece were born. These pagan deities have existed more than 5000 years ago before the suppose Jesus 2000 years ago. But the aim was to convert many pagans to Christianity. After Christianity was legalized by Constantine, the Pagans were reluctant and feared the new legalized Religion. They refuse accepting it as they themselves called it abomination. Each time the Christians and Pagans meet at a particular place, war, conflicts and strong sentiments always arise. To integrate all the pagan myths into Christianity, the church had to practice some of the holidays and ceremonies of the Pagans and many of the Pagan chief priests were given important positions in the church. Some of the Pagan Chief Priests later became Popes of the Catholic Church after they saw the material benefits in the Religion. To further convert the Pagans and integrate them into the church, the church Papacy after the council of Nicea in 325 A D, precisely around 350 A.D, christianized Pagan practices. This made many Pagans to become Christians as long as their Pagan rituals are recognized by the Church. Thus, as you celebrate 25th December, you are not celebrating the birth of Jesus rather, you are celebrating the birth of Pagan gods such as Horus and Mithras.



Source: Precious Ebenezer

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