March 1, 2024
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This Is What’s Happening In Some Parts of Africa






Nigeria isn’t the only country in Africa currently demanding better governance, infrastructure and demanding an end to the injustices in the country. Namibia, Congo, Cameroon also. You must have seen the hashtags, the news, the Twitter threads and photos of some protests happening in some countries.

Let’s give you a lowdown of what’s been happening in these African countries.

What is Happening in Namibia?

While Nigerians are demanding the end of SARS, police brutality and other injustices in the country, Namibians are amplifying their voices in the fight against Gender-Based Violence.

In Namibia, the youths are currently calling on President Hage Geingob to declare a state of emergency over violence against women and femicide, demanding immediate political action. These youths have pledged to keep protesting until something is down about femicide, rape and sexual abuse while taking to the streets, using the hashtag #ShutItAllDown on Twitter. Once again, we see the power of social media.

SBGV has been a persistent problem in Namibia, and Africa as a whole. According to Aljazeera, earlier this year, at least 200 cases of domestic violence were reported monthly, while more than 1,600 cases of rape were reported during the 18 months ending in June 2020. This became worse, when the pandemic started, with some the victims being forced to stay under the same roof with their abusers.





What is Happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)?

In Congo, social media users say a ‘Silent Holocaust’ has been happening for years. They say Congolese men, women and children are being tortured, starved, raped and killed by armed groups.

Here’s an explanation on what’s happening in the DRC:



What is Happening in Cameroon?

There has been a rise in violence in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions as the government and separatists contend for control. They say the anglophone separatists declared a new nation in 2017, calling it Ambazonia, and residents say they have been using brutal tactics in their quest for self-rule.


A news platform, DW News in February 2020 spoke with Claudine Akono, one of the many victims.

Watch the video below





ccording to this Twitter user, @Bis0na, this is what’s happening in Cameroon:


What’s happening in Liberia? 

In August, a three-day anti-rape protest was staged in the city of Monrovia, with Liberians calling President George Weah to respond to a petition, declaring rape a national emergency. According to RFI, “the protests sparked violent clashes with authorities, were in response to a 19-year-old boy allegedly performing female genital mutilation on a 3-year-old girl before planning to rape her”.

Sexual violence against women increased by 50% in Liberia during the pandemic.


On September 11, President George Weah released a statement declaring rape a national emergency in the country, according to Al Jazeera. He introduced the first set of new measures to address the increase in violence against women.  The measures include:

  • Designating a specific prosecutor to handle rape cases and setting up a national sex offender registry.
  • Creating a national security task force to handle sexual and gender-based violence
  • And allocating $2 million to address the issue.

How Can You Help?

Spread the word by protesting peacefully, and creating awareness with the hashtags #CongoIsBleeding, #ShutItAllDown, #EndRapeLiberia on all social media platforms.




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