February 28, 2024
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*Unemployment Is Not A Criteria To Defraud People Of Their Life Savings, OBIDIKE – EFCC Ambassador Warns Nigerians






Rapid technological growth and development have provided vast areas of new opportunity and efficient sources for organisation of all sizes .
Internet has become  a national asset , the whole society is depending on it but this new technologies have brought also unprecedent threats with a cyber crime .
Cyber crime is a crime in which a computer is used for a crime like hacking , spamming and phishing etc.
Cyber criminals use the internet and computer technology to hack users personal computer , smart phone and business secret to defraud people their hard earn money and lender their lives useless and even some people died at the process by high blood pressure .
Many people have become victims of identity theft , hacking and malicious software from this criminals in which security agencies are trying to tackle this problem .
Economic circumstances like unemployment has been linked to be one of the reasons of  internet fraud in Nigeria which I refuse to treat as a causative factor for crime and should not be made into excuse for criminal activities.

This excuse is trying to acts as a justification for elements that opt out of honest work and instead seek employment in criminal enterprises because they want to make big money in easy way.

And also to say people commit internet fraud because of poverty and unemployment is unacceptable and doesn’t hold any water from my point view and  cannot be taken as excuse .
All internet fraudsters should be aware that eye of the eagle is watching and there is no peace for the wicked because they must be surely caught and make them  face the law .
Ignorance is not and can never be an excuse , so is better you desist from it or you will be caught and disgraced.

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