February 26, 2024
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Want To Get Promoted At Work? These 5 Tips Will Help You Achieve That Goal




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For a long time, getting the efforts of women rewarded in the workplace was an uphill task. The good news now is that landing that promotion you have been eyeing at work can be very simple when you use the right tactics.

The work environment is one of the most challenging places for women because we are more under pressure sometimes from ourselves and at other times from other people, to put our best at work.

An indicator that you are actually putting your best in and achieving results is when you finally get promoted.

But promotions are no child’s play. You won’t get promoted just because you wish for it; you have to be tactical in your approach even as you put in the hard work required.

These 5 tips are a sure bet to land you that promotion in no time.

1. Understand your worth

Understanding your worth in your work place will help you know if you are doing enough to deserve the promotion you so want. Being truthful in your self-appraisal is a good way to know your worth. This will in turn help you build confidence when assigned tasks and also instill confidence in the organisation on your behalf.

2. Have the right attitude


First and foremost have the mentality that the work place is a gender neutral space. Thinking that you should be favoured because you are a woman will most likely end in disappoint so build the attitude of earning on merit. Applying professional decorum in the work place shows how seriously you take your responsibilities.

3. Understand office politics

In every organisation, there is always some sort of politics going on – either created by the organisation itself or by the workers. Don’t get drawn into it, but understand it enough to navigate your way around it.


4. Be Social

Even in a professional setting, people still want to laugh and socialise with colleagues. Being aloof and unfriendly will not put you in anyone’s good book so as much as you focus on your work, try to build relationships too.

5. Accept your mistakes

One of the major ways to show that you are a team player is owning up to your mistakes. Refusing to take responsibility for the mistakes you have made on your current role is not a good way to encourage your organisation to promote you.



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