February 15, 2024
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When will I be big?





As a nursery class pupil, we had a reading book we used to read everyday in class with the Title When will I be big? It had a picture of a grown up lady 👩🏼classically dressed at the front cover. Every time we read this reading book in class, it threw me into the imaginary world of seeing myself as a teacher, teaching pupils in a big classroom.


Looking back today, made me appreciate the process of growth.
We do not become big all of a sudden, we grow and growth has to do with time. The book of Ecclesiastics chapter 3 explains that.


There is a time for everything, a time to be born, a time to crawl, a time to start walking, a time to start talking, a time to start learning how to eat by ones self, a time to enter school and many more.




In whatever you are doing, enjoy the process, enjoy the times and seasons, do not allow the rate at which others are moving way you down, your time is on it way.

Like the title of the reading book 😂 When will I be big? It’s no wrong to ask God, when? Cause in it lies your heart 💔 cry to him.


This season invest in profitable things. Don’t just stay in doors and be sleeping, eating and chatting. Read books, invest in prayers, invest in studying of the word, take online courses, put those ideas into work, challenge yourself, acquire new skills.

Keep your faith on
Your timing is nearer than you think.

Keep praying for our world
Don’t stop praying










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