March 2, 2024
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Why You Must Confirm HIV Status of Your Side Chics, NSCDC to Nigerian Men



Nigerian men have been advised to abstain from unprotected sexual relationships to avoid being infected with HIV


Mohammed Mu’azu, the head of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Gombe State, gave men this advice


He recounted how an 85-year-old man infected all four of his wives with the virus after his sexual relationships with younger girls out of marriage


The head of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Gombe State, Mohammed Mu’azu, has urged men to avoid engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships.


Mr Mu’azu stressed the significance of confirming the HIV status of potential partners before getting involved in any sexual interactions.


In a report released on Friday, he issued this caution during a briefing on the Command’s 2023 activities, where he disclosed the apprehension of an 85-year-old man who had lured numerous young girls into engaging in sexual activities.



After a medical examination, it was confirmed that both the old man and his four wives were HIV positive, Premium Times reported.


He expressed concern that Gombe State is facing a critical situation with HIV, describing it as a ticking time bomb due to the significantly high prevalence rate.



Emphasising the need for heightened awareness, he urged men to be cautious and confirm the HIV status of their partners, especially those in the early stages of infection.


Mr Mu’azu also revealed the challenges the Command is encountering with certain non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that support same-sex relationships and marriage, an ongoing issue in the state.




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